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Device performance in OpenCL DES

Among various computing devices I have there is one that stands out it is NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M because it supports only FP32 (float) operations, but not FP64 (double). It is generally too old. In OpenCL we have both pow function which takes double and float parameters. The latter is called pown. I use first one to actually benchmark double precision computation. Model Year Core Unit Clk Perf 1k 10k 100k NVS 4200M 2011 48 1 1480 156/12 13 116 1163 Tesla K20xm 2012 2688 14 732 3935/1312 2 3 24 Intel i7 2640M 2011 2 4 2800 n/a 3


Text processing in OpenCL

OpenCL is excellent in the field of numbers, but not that much into text processing. It lacks even basic functions available in regular C99. So the question is if it is worth trying to process some text in it. In my OpenCL base project (which can be found here) I’ve added “aiml” module. It loads over 31k lines of text with over 4 mln characters. The text itself is in the first buffer of uchar array. Second buffer holds pointers and lenghts of consecutive lines being work-items, so there are over 31k of such work-items. Third buffer is a result


DES cipher is 40 times faster in OpenCL

OpenCL implementation od DES cipher is way faster than regular single-threaded C program. 1 mln encryptions take less than a second on RTX 3050 Ti, but also as much as almost 40 seconds on Intel i5-10200h single-thread application. Lack of compact and extremely portable SSL/TLS library in pre C++11 project made me think about going for something easy to implement on my own concerning data encryption. I’ve selected DES, which stands for Data Encryption Standard because of my general understanding of such algorithm. It comes from 1975 and has certain limitations including short key length or known weak keys. But



Changing Java language level to run compiled code on older runtimes I’m working on some Java project. I use IntelliJ IDEA and deciced to go with Oracle’s OpenJDK-18. But… this runtime is available by default only during compilation in the IDE. In the system I have OpenJDK-11. Trying to run code compiled by JDK-18 on JDK-11 gives me the following message: To overcome this go to module settings (or Project Structure) and change Language Level to lower value. In case you compile with 18 then it will have version 18 set. Switch to version 11 (local variables syntax for lambda

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