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Encrypt with LUKS an unencrypted LVM Ubuntu 22 Server without system reinstallation

Keep your data safe. Device loss or unauthorized access can be mitigated by encrypting drive in your server and workstation. So you may have a Ubuntu Linux installation on your bare metal or virtual machine. Does it have an encrypted drive? If the answer is no, then you could be in trouble when device is stolen or lost, or someone just gained unauthorized access to your hardware. In this short step-by-step article you can see what steps your should take to encrypt your unencrypted drives without need to reinstall the system. When speaking workstation, there is much less concern about


Compatibility of Suricata IPS on Proxmox

For non-users of either Proxmox or Suricata: the first one is virtualization appliance which helps firing up virtual machines as well as LXC containers and the latter is network traffic security system which is able to identify (IDS mode) or even block malicious traffic (IPS mode). Suricata works just fine on Proxmox which is usually installed on Debian Linux, but sometimes there are some hardware/software compatibility issues which I’m going to tell you about right now… Having Proxmox server exposed in public space could be really not the best way possible. However if there is no chance for dedicated hardware,