Ruby on Rails vs PostgreSQL 14 partitioning primary keys

Starting from PostgreSQL 10 we have available new type of paritioning, which is declarative one. Before we had inheritance which is also good but has some limitations. Now, with declarative partitioning user need not to specify partition name while inserting data. To create partitioned table: There are few things worth explaining. First one is BIGSERIAL data type. It is a bigger form of integer type with automatic sequence creation, which…

pg_stat_statements must be loaded via shared_preload_libraries

Latest Clustercontrol – version 1.9.4 – installation somehow requires pg_stat_statements to be activated in PostgreSQL 14. I have never noticed it before, both on 9.6, 12 and 14. This is simple fix. Change postgresql.conf configuration file (which should be either in /etc or /var/lib/ in standard package installations): Then activate extension in psql: Restart server and you are done.

Installing PostgreSQL 14 on CentOS 7

PostgreSQL 14 has few improvements over previous versions, especially older ones, like 9.6. This includes automatic data direction using partitioning. So, let’s install it on CentOS 7. Then you should login to the database and set password: Basic configuration includes firewall setup (if it’s active), access control and performance settings: I strongly recommend visiting for tuning parameters. Last thing is to set interface address on which server will be…

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