Month: May 2024


E-mail Service Desk with self-hosted GitLab EE and iRedMail

In order to process incoming e-mail messages as issues registered in GitLab you need to have catch-all mailbox and GitLab configured to handle it. However, there are few quirks you need to know when setting it up. Assuming you have GitLab installed as well as iRedMail. iRedMail First, create new mailbox in iRedMail admin panel. Then manually create forwarding record. You could skip this is you purchased iRedMail Pro: At this point you can check if catch-all feature is working by sending mail to non existing mailbox user. What is especially important is to verify if messages will come once


Encrypt with LUKS an unencrypted LVM Ubuntu 22 Server without system reinstallation

Keep your data safe. Device loss or unauthorized access can be mitigated by encrypting drive in your server and workstation. So you may have a Ubuntu Linux installation on your bare metal or virtual machine. Does it have an encrypted drive? If the answer is no, then you could be in trouble when device is stolen or lost, or someone just gained unauthorized access to your hardware. In this short step-by-step article you can see what steps your should take to encrypt your unencrypted drives without need to reinstall the system. When speaking workstation, there is much less concern about


External and redundand Azure VM backups with Veeam to remote site

Backup is a must. Primary hardware fails. Local backups can also fail or can be inaccessible. Remote backups can also fail, but if you have 2, 3 or even more backup copies in different places and on various medium chances are high enough that you will survive major incidents without data loss or too much of being offline. Talking about Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. But in case of any infrastructure environment you should have working and verified backup tools. Azure has its own. To keep those backups in secure remote place (in the context of Storage Account) you can