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Expand CentOS LVM disk and filesystem

There are two ways of expanding your root filesystem space. It’s either by adding additional volumes or by resizing PV. Let’s try the latter. We have CentOS 7 wth XFS running on Proxmox. First expand drive size with admin UI. Next: At first after resizing drive you will see in lsblk that the drive should have additional space. At growpart you will see your partition expands. At pvresize there is no change. Change happens on lvextend, so you will see you LVM increases in space. To see filesystem change in df you need to run either xfs_growfs or resize2fs depending


Extending CentOS7 partition on Azure

Using CentOS7 templates on Azure could result in lack of LVM, swap and non auto-extendable partitions. Some other templates have such feature, but not all of them. In case you assigned bigger disk in Azure portal you need still to do few things. First delete /dev/sda2 partition: Then reboot to apply.


Installing PostgreSQL 14 on CentOS 7

PostgreSQL 14 has few improvements over previous versions, especially older ones, like 9.6. This includes automatic data direction using partitioning. So, let’s install it on CentOS 7. Then you should login to the database and set password: Basic configuration includes firewall setup (if it’s active), access control and performance settings: I strongly recommend visiting pgtune.leopard.in.ua for tuning parameters. Last thing is to set interface address on which server will be listening, it’s set in: Now you are good to go.