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OpenShift 4.11 TLS handshake timeout on oc login

Finally after OKD 3.11 support has ended I’ve decided to try 4.x releases. I found that there is quite nice installation assistant available on console.redhat.com (Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console). So I tried it and installed new cluster on my dedicated hardware. I set up all things as usual which is project, token and GitLab runner. Unfortunately on oc login command there was error “TLS handshake timeout”. Investigation was quite broad including replacing docker base images, downloading custom oc binary, doing regular networking diagnostics etc. In the end it turned out that there was issue with MTU and as it


OKD Docker private Registry on NFS mount

If you use OKD/OpenShift then most probably you also run internal and private Docker registry for your builds. Cluster uses this to lookup for containers images for further deployment. For basic, default installation your Docker Registry is located in a project called default. It also uses quasi permanent storage which lasts until next redeployment of registry container (pod). There is however a possiblity to mount a NFS volume in the registry deployment configuration so your images which have been pushed onto the registry will not go away in case you need to redeploy registry itself. This need might come if


Redeploying OKD 3.11 certificates

Since the beginning of 3.x line of OpenShift/OKD releases there are various issues with internal certificates. TLS communication inside the cluster is used in several places like router, registry, compute nodes, master nodes, etcd and so on. Unfortunately having hundreds of developers across the globe gives not exactly chaos but uncertainty and lack of confidence from the user perspective. CSR should be automatically approved and they are not: But in worst case scenario you also need to check validity of certificates. You can do this with ansible playbook. These can be obtained at https://github.com/openshift/openshift-ansible. You need to remember that should