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WordPress quirks and features

I will start with the werid experience with one of WP themes – Polite and Polite Grid. I was wondering why my website make double requests on every page. One for the document and other for content. This was annoying as I was unable to measure traffic properly. It turned out that it was because of the theme I’ve been using for some time. Changing it to different one fixed it. Second of all to make NGINX logs easier to handle I’ve created separate location entry for all the WP things, so the “real” traffic goes only to particular log


WordPress migration

After 2 years on DigitalOcean I’ve decided to move out. Not because it’s bad or expensive, but because I need one more feature which is IDS/IPS. By default WordPress installation on DO contains fail2ban, which is fine, but I find Suricata way more powerful. To start with, I’ve created a backup using All-In-One WP migration and Increate Max File Size. Former is responsible for dumping all of the site content, and the latter is giving a ability to upload this dump file into new WordPress installation. But… you also need to edit one file in your need WP setup: With


Proxmox’s nesting setting with WordPress container

If you happen to use Proxmox’s LXC which stands for Linux Containers, then you might be interested in this one. Proxmox has this turnkey containers available to download from its UI. Among them there is WordPress. If you create a container using template then while creating remember to select nesting=on, because without this it will show permission denied on starting Apache2. Not quite familiar with nesting option but it is necessary to run this container.