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Multiple ZFS pools on single drive

Image a hypothetical scenario having two 512 GB drives and want to use a Proxmox ZFS VM replication onto a second server with one 1 TB drive. Solution is quite simple. By using fdisk, create two primary partitions on the bigger drive and then go to Disks.ZFS.CreateZFS and you will be able to select a partition for the particular pool. One downside of such a setup is that ZFS liks to have whole drive for it’s own, please keep in mind that the performance may vary.


DEGRADED ZFS pool, hard disk failure

I own a preowned HP z800 workstation. As purchased it contained HDD inside – Western Digital WD5000AAKX-75U6AA0, SATA III, 500GB, 7200 RPM, 16MB of cache. Unfortunately it passes SMART and do not show wearout metric. However going into detailed information we get: Raw_Read_Error_Rate has positive value of 11, threshold is set to 51. Having 11 685 hours of runtime it should understandable that it might break and it did actually. There is only one Current_Pending_Sector which means that it waits to be remapped or rellocated. But, will it happen anytime soon? I’m unable to clone, migrate or replicate VM to

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