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External and redundand Azure VM backups with Veeam to remote site

Backup is a must. Primary hardware fails. Local backups can also fail or can be inaccessible. Remote backups can also fail, but if you have 2, 3 or even more backup copies in different places and on various medium chances are high enough that you will survive major incidents without data loss or too much of being offline. Talking about Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. But in case of any infrastructure environment you should have working and verified backup tools. Azure has its own. To keep those backups in secure remote place (in the context of Storage Account) you can


oc rsync takes down OKD master processes

It might sound a little weird, but that’s the case. I was trying to setup NFS mount in OKD docker registry (from this tutorial). During oc rsync from inside docker-registry container I found that OKD master processes are down because of heath check thinking that there is some connectivity problem. This arised because oc rsync does not have rate limiting feature and it I fully utilized local network then there is no bandwidth left for the cluster itself. Few things taken out from logs (/var/log/messages): The starting transfer from docker-registry container is at the of 200MB/s. I’m not quite sure