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In case you use ever changing outbound public IP connection like in Microsoft Azure, then you can try create machine with public IP and passing your local traffic to remote site via simplaproxy. L switch is for local and R is for remote. To make it durable you can try creating systemd service or keep it open on screen session.


Reinstalling GRUB

In one of my previous posts I mentioned some troubles regarding reinstalling Ubuntu 22, loosing ability to select OS and to boot at all actually. I found that Ubuntu 20 recognizes properly my fresh Windows installation but Ubuntu 22 does not. So I stayed with version 20 however here was no OS selection, which translates to broken GRUB installation. After Ubuntu 20 installation finished it tried to put bootloader but failed to do this because of drives numbering. My first drive in Lenovo Thinkpad T420s is mSATA but computer and operating system thinks that this is my second drive. My

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