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Configure outgoing mail on Redash

Installing Redash is straightforward if you use https://github.com/getredash/setup repository. Just run setup script to download, install and configure all required packages. But there is one thing missing from the default. It is mail configuration. First install Redash with all default settings and then edit /opt/redash/env file: After setting those values run docker-compose up -d command to recreate containers. Use TLS and local IP address if you host your mail server on-premise. Now you should be able to send mail messages from your Redash.


Install Redash

Data is valuable if consumed or at least identified. For private and corporate usages I suggest installing Redash as it gives options for saving queries, exporting data, creating visualizations and dashboards and also setting up alerts. There are few other interesting features like creating dropdowns and inputs from saved queries or joining resuls from different data sources thru in-memory SQLite instance. To install Redash, clone the repository. I recommend running Ubuntu 18 LTS server version as it is tested on this distribution. Then chmod a setup.sh file for execution and run it. It will ask for sudo password and going

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