Month: May 2023


Almost private-only Proxmox cluster

If you wonder if it is possible to have private-only Proxmox cluster in Hetnzer, then the answer is yes, almost. Of couse you can order dedicated hardware to hide your boxes from public eyes, but if you are not going that way, then you can try other way. Configuration of the first box: Configuration of the second, private-only, box:


oc rsync takes down OKD master processes

It might sound a little weird, but that’s the case. I was trying to setup NFS mount in OKD docker registry (from this tutorial). During oc rsync from inside docker-registry container I found that OKD master processes are down because of heath check thinking that there is some connectivity problem. This arised because oc rsync does not have rate limiting feature and it I fully utilized local network then there is no bandwidth left for the cluster itself. Few things taken out from logs (/var/log/messages): The starting transfer from docker-registry container is at the of 200MB/s. I’m not quite sure