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Germany BSI abuse message prevention

In case of an Abuse message from BSI (in Germany), the following services must be enabled and disabled: Verify in 2 ways: Cutting with DROP traffic by Suricata IPS is not sufficient, because not all possible traffic signatures on port 111 are used and in most cases this port can be enumerated.


Almost private-only Proxmox cluster

If you wonder if it is possible to have private-only Proxmox cluster in Hetnzer, then the answer is yes, almost. Of couse you can order dedicated hardware to hide your boxes from public eyes, but if you are not going that way, then you can try other way. Configuration of the first box: Configuration of the second, private-only, box:


OpenShift 4.11 TLS handshake timeout on oc login

Finally after OKD 3.11 support has ended I’ve decided to try 4.x releases. I found that there is quite nice installation assistant available on console.redhat.com (Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console). So I tried it and installed new cluster on my dedicated hardware. I set up all things as usual which is project, token and GitLab runner. Unfortunately on oc login command there was error “TLS handshake timeout”. Investigation was quite broad including replacing docker base images, downloading custom oc binary, doing regular networking diagnostics etc. In the end it turned out that there was issue with MTU and as it


Proxmox VE & pfSense on Hetzner dedicated servers

There is not too much a precise documentation from Hetzner available if you want to know what exactly you should do to run dedicated servers with primary and secondary public IP, virtual machines and vSwitch. There are some articles but they are written in non-informative way. However their support is on very high level so far, they respond quickly. Debian & Proxmox Installation So, to go with Proxmox on Hetzner you will need to know that there is supported installation. You restart your server into rescue system (remember to power cycle your server) and then there is Proxmox to choose

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