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MikroTik basic reconfiguration

In case you have access to MikroTik device without UI available, only CLI then you possibly would like to know how to do some basic reconfiguration to gain access to admin panel listening on local network. So… to change user password: To see all the configuration: To create PPTP VPN: To adjust firewall for PPTP VPN: To enable HTTP web configuration: Now, once you connect thru PPTP VPN to the remote host, you can access UI. But if you set as an address then you may also be able to connect to it using public address.


MikroTik RouterOS 7.5 change default DNS

Want to change default DNS for the network in MikroTik’s RouterOS CLI? You can use web UI but it could have some issues preventing from configuration save, so it is nice to know how to use it via CLI. First login into the box and then: Change X with the network number of your preference. You can show them using print command at /ip/dhcp-server/network level. Last thing: the option that may prevent from configuration save on UI is DHCP Option Set. When empty (for various reasons) then you need to go to CLI to do the job. It is the