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Recovering Proxmox VM from failed HDD

Due to previous failure of SSD drive from Goodram I was forced to use brand new 1TB HDD from Toshiba. It was not a problem because the system running on it mainly have been using writes with not too much reads. My SSD drive had some performance drops which could be because of the fact being run out of the same power socket shared with some DIY tools in garage. Now there is no power socket sharing I think that I may close server lid with too much force, so even brand new HDD failed. Proxmox reported failure of disk


Germany BSI abuse message prevention

In case of an Abuse message from BSI (in Germany), the following services must be enabled and disabled: Verify in 2 ways: Cutting with DROP traffic by Suricata IPS is not sufficient, because not all possible traffic signatures on port 111 are used and in most cases this port can be enumerated.


Proxmox 8 on Scaleway

Bare metal servers offered at Scaleway are at reasonable prices, which can be compared to those on Hetzner. You even get Proxmox installation by default contrary to Hetzner were you need to install Debian first. To setup Proxmox with one public IP anf pfSense with another one you need to order Flexible IP and request for virtual MAC address. Remember that on Scaleway’s flexible IPs gateway is fixed and it is Then for the network configuration: x.x.x.x is primary Proxmox public IP. y.y.y.y is its gateway (with a.a.a.a network with b.b.b.b netmask). z.z.z.z is then your secondary public IP


Proxmox VE & pfSense on Hetzner dedicated servers

There is not too much a precise documentation from Hetzner available if you want to know what exactly you should do to run dedicated servers with primary and secondary public IP, virtual machines and vSwitch. There are some articles but they are written in non-informative way. However their support is on very high level so far, they respond quickly. Debian & Proxmox Installation So, to go with Proxmox on Hetzner you will need to know that there is supported installation. You restart your server into rescue system (remember to power cycle your server) and then there is Proxmox to choose

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