YN50/1.8 vs Nikkor 35-70 3.3/4.5 – sharpness comparison

I started wondering if cheap YN lens can be compared with with some cheap Nikkor lens. Yes it can. I shoot same lens cap with Nikon D200 with these two lenses with are Yongnuo 50mm/f1.8 and Nikkor 35 – 70mm f3.3/4.5. I think that comparing fixed lens with zoom lens might be weird, but originally I though that even with zoom, Nikkor should be better. I was wrong. If anyone is not convinced why should you buy fixed-focus prime lens below you have practical explanation.

YN 50mm / f1.8 fixed lens

The reason why I even bother to compare them at such a level is that I was disappointed with the Nikkor lens. It produces flat output. I would not say that it is blurry but it is much less vibrant as cheap Chinese fixed lens. Which is somehow interesting.

Nikkor AF 35 – 70 mm / f3.3 – f4.5

As shown below on two samples YN produces much better image which is sharp with plenty of details. Nikkor produces image which is a little softer with less color details.

YN at f/5.6
Nikkor at 50mm f/5.6

As a conclusion I should say that maybe comparing fixed lens with zoom is exaggeration, but it is nice to know that there are such differences.