Proxmox node out of cluster

I was replacing drives and memory in one of servers and out of a sudden node was unable to start. When finally it booted it was gone out of cluster. Weird. This node has been installed on SSD drive which had 2 years or constant runtime. Debian prompted with some file system issue at one and another time. After few reboots finally it booted successfuly but node was unable to communicate properly with other cluster members.

I tried to start time synchro from the stratch to no avail. I pulled out other drives than this one with operating system without any change. I restared also other cluster members. The node was available to log in and check it out, but I felt that any hacking could result in unpredictable behavior in the future, so I decided to reinstall it.

There are few things to remember if reinstalling node. First it will be planned operation you must cancel and remove replication jobs because after node will be shutdown there is no chance to do this from user interface. If node is already unaavailable then:

pvecm expected 1
pvesr list
pvesr delete JOBID --force

Next, from other nodes run node deletion command:

pvecm delnode NODENAME

When reinstalling node remember not to use the same IP and node name. It might work, but…

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