WordPress migration

After 2 years on DigitalOcean I’ve decided to move out. Not because it’s bad or expensive, but because I need one more feature which is IDS/IPS. By default WordPress installation on DO contains fail2ban, which is fine, but I find Suricata way more powerful.

To start with, I’ve created a backup using All-In-One WP migration and Increate Max File Size. Former is responsible for dumping all of the site content, and the latter is giving a ability to upload this dump file into new WordPress installation.

But… you also need to edit one file in your need WP setup:


With the following:

post_max_size = 2048M
upload_max_filesize = 2048M

Then restart Apache, for instance:

sudo service apache2 restart

At plugin settings page select 2 GB. Migration plugin should be installed both on the source and target system. Before uploading dump file into new location be sure to check version if it’s the same as the source system. Then upload dump file and you should be all right with almost all the things. I’ve disabled and deleted all the plugins except for NextGen Gallery.

As I’ve been using all the backend things behind NGINX proxy, with WP it’s the same history. Nothing special should be considered here. Please remember to set Host, X-Real-IP, X-Forwarded-For and X-Original-Request headers in your configuration file. TLS configuration is managed on my NGINX by certbot so initially I give only configuration for port 80 and let it do the remaining.

On this particular migration scenario I’ve encountered one problem. There was HTTP 404 error message on all posts and categories. To overcome it go to Seetings.Permalinks and hit Save button. That’s all, maybe there is some issue with the backup tool.