Recover pfSense from out of disk space and config.xml corruption

I use NetGate pfSense+ version 22 based on FreeBSD 21. I encountered a problem of running out of disk space because of packet logging enable in Suricata. Out of a sudden there was high traffic and therefore high logs production. Disk space utilization was over 100%. Now there is a problem with /config/config.xml file, there is no VPN, Suricata, pf configuration available from the UI. Dashboard is corrupted also. However there is /config/backup folder with backed up configuration files. I’ve taken the last known good with proper file size and put it in place. After reboot it works just fine. However I’m not quite sure if there are other issues out there.

To be sure not running out of space, increase disk space and reconfigure Suricata packet logging with proper file sizing to fit available space. If you are on bare metal, then chances are little to zero that you put too small drive in there. In case of virtualization, go to your configuration panel and increase drive space. Then go to serial console or SSH:

gpart show
gpart resize -i 2 da0
gpart show
service growfs onestart
df -h

After this you should have both partition and file system extended.