Azure FreeBSD (pfSense) not able to pick boot partition after disk resize

Following previous struggles on pfSense FreeBSD on Azure. After resizing disk Microsoft starts at some point adding an another drive which is temporary one. I do not need this by any means. It seems that NetGate pfSense template is also not quite compatible with cloud-init as the platform tries to execute systemctl which is not present here.

The problem with this is that FreeBSD will not be able to pick which partition it should start from. Fix for this is pretty simple. Just go and edit /etc/fstab and instead of pointing to some virtual labels. In my case it was /dev/da0s2a. You can pick the proper one during boot procedure by pressing question mark. Load will list for you all the partitions available. Try at your best. In mine case, it was the first one from the list.

What causes the problem? Being not compatible with cloud-init, NetGate template is vulnerable to unpredictable changes from my personal perspective. But here we are in public cloud environment and we should not be suprised by that.